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Unique Inflatablesttt is worlds largest manufacturer of inflatables with its facility spread across 125,000sq.ft and over 400 people of work force, State of art equipment like computerised cutting tables, CAD designing facilites and having own raw material plant.Our products are regularly exported to 58 countries around the world mostly to USA, Japan, Germany, UAE, Australia etc.

We are now proud to introduce a new innovation called Simulation inflatables.We have professionally researched a great deal and developed dummy military products used for land warfare, aerial warfare, naval warfare and missile army. The equipment is formed through inflation of radio transmission fabric and its composite materials. The components adopt electronic plasto type made high elasticity materials.



  • Simulation inflatables can be made in the shape of tanks, bombers, trucks, jet fighters & other
    war equipment as dummies as per clients specifications.
  • Only 2-3 minutes for the equipment to be inflated and take its shape.
  • Light weight and very easy to move around.
  • The inflatables are produced with a scale of 1:1 through computer systems.
  • Only 10-15 minutes to set up and pack the inflatables.



The possibility of the simulation inflatables to be taken as the real technical equipment by enemy through effective waves, visible light, heat, radar or other detecting instruments, shall be no less than 0.75-0.8. The equipment classification can be identified through binocular within 2000-3000m and the equipment model can be identified within 900-1000m. within scope of 200m,the false target can be identified. These are the best decoy military equipment.


We have executed many more military inflatables in the past, but due to our confidentiality agreement with our clients we cannot disclose the details and pictures

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